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In March 2020, as the Coronavirus began to spread throughout the globe, Ron Cantor received two words in prayer: Be Ready. He was led to Matthew 24:8 where Yeshua spoke of end-time signs, such as plagues, saying, “These are the beginning of birth pangs.”


Prophetic voices from all over America claimed COVID-19 was not from God. It would be over soon. Many claimed it would be over by Passover, while others boldly (and wrongly) prophesied it would not touch America because of Donald Trump’s policies. “I hoped they were right—we have all suffered. But if we were in the season of end-time birth pangs, another one would soon come,” says Cantor. Shortly afterwards, George Floyd was killed. His death was followed by protests, riots, and Antifa. Then Lebanon, riots in protest all over th world, sudden peace treaties in the Middle East, the death Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and the 2020 election. It exploded on a global scale. 


In this book, Israeli Messianic leader Ron Cantor seeks to equip us for the times that are ahead. He points out:


  • Several deadly end-time temptations for believers 

  • The significance of President Trump and our attitude toward him

  • How Israel will become as controversial as abortion

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Ron Cantor

CEO, Tikkun International 

Ron Cantor embraced Yeshua as Messiah as a misguided, agnostic, Jewish teen. Immediately, he knew that he wanted to share this message with as many Jewish people as possible. Ron has served as the Communications Director, and then CEO, of Tikkun Global. Recently, Ron was appointed as President of, the first ever Hebrew-speaking Gospel channel on cable in Israel. He and his wife Elana live in Tel Aviv.​

  • A stern warning to would-be prophets and a call for accountability 

  • What we need to learn from 2020 to equip us for the future

  • The key to revival in the midst of judgments 

  • Encouragement—at the end of birth pangs is a birth: the Second Coming 

  • of Yeshua

"This is the most important book I have ever written," says Cantor. "It is urgent that we do not have knee-jerk reactions in the flesh to prophetic events, but discern what the Lord is saying to His people."

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If you are going to give a prophecy where you speak “thus says the Lord,” you better be sure you’re hearing from God. You can’t just come back a few months later and say, boy that’s not what I thought was going to happen—not without repenting to your hearers for giving them false hope and then submitting yourself to counsel from other leaders.

—  Ron Cantor





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